Saturday, February 7, 2009

Elmina Castle

W e toured the Elmina Castle today. It is near Cape Cost. it is set above a fishing village. It is a bit eary as you drive up to this castle to think of it's purpose and use. This castle was used for slave deportation.

No comments please on my "flock of seagull hair do..." the wind was wild.

This particular cell held Africans who tried to fight or revolt. They would never walk out alive. One by one they would starve to death. If there were 3 men in there and the 1 man died on day 1 that man would not be removed. He would stay until all the men died.
This is the door of "NO RETURN" it is narrow. This is the door the slaves would leave the castle from... They would walk a plank straight onto the ship.
This is the male holding cell. There are 2 windows for air circulation... I can not imagine how hot it would be in there with hundreds of men. It was hot in there today and there and there were only 7 of us.
I found it odd to have this noble symbol above the door you enter the castle in. There was nothing noble that went on beyond this point.


Breona said...

Yikes! Stuff like that makes my stomach hurt. I hate the cruel and horrible stories about slaves! Very nest that you got a real feel for how it was.

Dave Peacock said...

Dave and I enjoyed your posts about your adventures in Africa! Wow I bet you will never forget a trip like that! I loved the picture of you swinging on the vines!

Sam Ransom said...

That is crazy. It still blows my mind that people could even do that. I remember a quote they said during the a show for the new President. The quote was from Lincoln. "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master." Wouldn't the world be different if they had thought this way.

Catherine said...

Wow! Interesting.

Summer's World said...

Been reading your blog today and WOW! Very exciting! I esp. loved the letter to Jordy. It was sweet! What's up with the hair? ;)