Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss Lovely Lee

The first time I met Lovely Lee was at the "NRT" training. Lovely was a midwife. She was excited for the time she had before her to learn how to properly resuscitate and save newborn babies from unnecessary death. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw her name. I remember thinking to myself. What a lovely name.
Marc-a-Roni and I have received a bit of squawking from others when we tell them the name we plan to name our next daughter. I agree it is a bit out of the box... but I like it. I feel it suits the baby girl who haunts our dreams. As an informal announcement we will name our dream girl Miracle Rose.
A few years ago my parents gave each of our children their African names. At the time we were waiting for our "China Doll" she was given the name "MIRACLE." Rose is the name my foster parents called me for the 3weeks they cared for me. After Noah was placed in our arms we felt a strong need to close the door to our "China Doll"." But the name Miracle has stuck in our mind. So we wait for our Miracle Rose.
When I met Lovely I thought that maybe we should consider the name Lovely. I watch Lovely through out the day. I could not wait to tell Marc-a-Roni about this name.
I greeted Lovely Lee the next morning with a smile and a hug. I explained to her how much I liked her name. And that I felt it was so beautiful I wanted to talk to my husband about naming our next daughter after her.
Lovely Lee shyly smiled. Then she told me the following story: She said her name was really Elizabeth but that there were so many Elizabeth's at the training. She thought that if she changed her name to Lovely Lee she would not be confused among the other Elizabeth's.
I guess it worked! Nothing like a good trick!
FYI!!! We are sticking with the name Miracle Rose


Catherine said...

Boy . . . you really silenced everyone with this post, didn't you?

Yeah, I'll agree that the name Miracle Rose is unique, but I like how you have a reason for choosing that name. ie: the background, etc, for Miracle and Rose. Both Sarah and Allison were named those names "just because" and I always wished I had some reason behind the names. A namesake, or something.

Sam Ransom said...

Sorry I am so behind in my blog reading! But I like the name!! I think it is unique and pretty. Hey at least it isn't Apple!?!!