Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dream Big!

I have been asked "My Favorite Part" of this adventure. I am not sure if I can honestly answer that. Each day was my favorite. Each moment my heart was filled with emotions. But, maybe, this was my favorite day of all. Maybe my heart was touched most in this moment. Last year my husbands employer kindly donated funds to a NGO of our choice. We chose to have donations go to a NGO my dad has been working with. World Joy http://www.worldjoyinc.org/ . World Joy built a school in the village of Abrenya. Abrenya is found in the Atiwa District, Eastern Region. A school being built in this village may be the biggest thing that has happened here in over 50 years.
After driving for almost 4 hours we came to a river. We crossed the man made bridge and hiked in the forest for almost a mile. I have NEVER seen such beauty as I saw on this hike.

Everything is so green and fresh.

The palms were huge and full of nuts.

The trees are allowed to grow to enormous heights.

We were all greeted with welcomes as we passed a families compound. The homes were made of wood and mud.

This is the site I saw as we entered into the school compound. I found myself spinning with emotion. My husbands employer had the opportunity to name the school. He chose the name "August House" The name August is after his grandfather. As we approached the edge of the forest I saw the teachers quarters... The name "August House" had been painted on the side for all to see.
I was humbled as we were greeted by the children that now have the chance to be whatever they want to be.

Here is a picture of the school. Is has 2 class rooms and a food preparation room.

Many people came to share in the joy.

Men and Women wore their very best!

Each child was gifted a back pack filled with school supplies and their school uniform.

The women danced with joy. Here are 5 of the 30 women that "helped" me dress as I was appointed a Queen Mother
As a representative for my husbands employer I was asked to cut the ribbon.
We all cheered with joy knowing the blessings this village would receive in the form of education.

JoAnn was asked to cut the ribbon for the teachers quarters. JoAnn is a professor of nursing at BYU.
JoAnn's friends and family provided a small library for the August House.
My father and I were honored by being appointed by the tribes as a Chief and Queen Mother. This is a custom that is not looked lightly upon. I was humbled.
We were dressed in Kente cloth and sat on our own Chief and Queen Mother Chair. I am sitting next to Steven Abu. He works as a Project Coordinator for World Joy.
Does anyone else notice my dad was allowed to keep HIS shirt on here? Let's just say Brother Abu helped him dress.... I had 30 women help me! If that doesn't give you enough of a visual to laugh out loud give me a call and I will paint you a more detailed scene!

Here are 2 of the tribal Chiefs. The man in the darker green was so kind to us. He could see we were hot. My dad was sweating to death. I don't sweat... I just turn bright red. He was worried about us. He was yelling at everyone near us to back away so we could get air. Nice to know he didn't want us to pass out right there in the village.

This baby boy could hardly walk... but boy could he dance! How I wish I were born with the dancing gene.
What a beautiful site to see the children that would be attending this great school. And this is just the first generation!
This little girl became my friend. She never said a word to me but was always at my side. I found her captivating.


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That is so surreal!! Like impossible to imagine!

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That is so damn cool

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What an AMAZING experience of a lifetime.

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Awesome!!! That was incredible Kiera! Thanks for taking the time to post it all. I loved it

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Very Cool! glad you had a good time. What an amazing expierence.

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Wow, i felt lots of emotion just reading about your experience! Truly a captivating experience for you!!