Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shop Here

This is the shop mom would like her to stop at for her. She is wanting some of the necklaces.
Will you please pick up some more bracelets for me? I paid 10 CD's for 8... I would like 16 more if you can. If not... no big deal!
I had a great time with you!
Love ya tons honey buns!


KC Mom said...

Looks like shopping heaven...and could pick up some for me if you'd like!! ;)

Valsy said...

I have ALWAYS known I was born on the wrong continent. The africans we knew is SLC used to say I was an albino african. :) I can see you are too!

Catherine said...

What great finds! Looks like fun, Kiera. Can't wait to hear/see more about it on the blog . . .