Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ammon came home from school yesterday down and out. He made a B-line straight to his blankies. Humm.. I though to myself. Can even 6 year old's have the January Blues? I asked how his day was:
Me: Hey hot stuff how was your day?
Ammon: I hate school. {this is his usual statement! He loves home so of course he hate school}
Me: Did something happen to make you so sad?
Ammon: I cant think of anything.
Me: Was there anything that made you happy?
Ammon: I cant think of anything happy either.
Me: Why are you so blue?
Ammon: I just am I guess.
I know just how he feels. The cold days... with NO snow in sight... I mean real snow not these dumb flurries we see now and then. Just cold.
For the past 5 years the RitterB's have found themselves in Disney Utopia in January or February. I am a bit sad about it not happening this year. Big plans for 2010 but not 2009. I think I am going to miss it this year.
I am a bit sad already to leave my family for 10 days. I get teary just thinking about it... SO..I don't think about it.
I am bummed at the huge amount of laundry my family can produce each week. Had thoughts of joining a nudest colony... But since Kansas City is one of the fattest city... and I am in that group....not feeling like hangin' Nakie with the friends.
I need/WANT a pedi... dont have the time.

I sit here in all my guilt glory wondering why I am so blue... Look at my blessings... Really NO BLUE reasons there... I am one lucky gal. I just gotta get out of this funk!
Maybe, a Diet Coke will help!


KC Mom said...

That's why I hate the color blue. It represents bad days.

Robin and Don said...

It's the time of year. I think you need to fake bake. And heck, you can do that in the nude if you so incline!

Anonymous said...

I feel ya. I think I need some Coke too!

Alaska Law said...

I know exactly how you feel. January is a terrible month! I suggest a work out at the gym. If that doesn't help, go for some chocolate. Hey, you've earned it after going to the gym :)

Shauna said...

My only problem is I am using the Diet coke to wash down the chocolate i just ate. We should all go on vacation it would do wonders.

Natalie said...

January really needs to be Really. I mean right now!!

Hunter Bug said...

Ammon and I need to hang out. Im feelin the blues too. :)

Christina said...

I so hear you. I've been feeling that way this past week and can't shake it. Just have to keep reminding myself Spring is just around the corner.