Thursday, January 29, 2009


Time goes by so fast when you are dreaming... This past year seems as if it has passed by so quickly. Noah you were the baby we waited years for. As a family we longed for you. Each family and personal prayer we plead for you to come to our family. The joy you have helped bring into our family unit is unmeasurable. Daddy and I have often wondered what we did to be so blessed. You are such a gift from our Heavenly Father. Not just to us but to the many people you are in contact with.
I don't ever think I will forget the overwhelming feeling of the spirit the moment I peeked into your bed in the hospital. The moment I saw you I KNEW you were mine. I KNEW you were the boy that was part of the RitterB's. The nurse asked me what your name was. With tears streaming down my cheek I whispered. Noah Thomas. It was a perfect fit. Daddy and I had not picked a name for a little boy... We didn't even know you were going to be born. While Daddy drove the 15 hours from Missouri to Houston we talked and picked 2 names for you. Noah and Lincoln. We liked them both. But Noah seemed to fit our biblical theme. Your middle name is also Daddy's middle name. It is also your Grandfather Tom's name.
Many that know you feel you are an old soul. You are calculated and wise. You observe all that goes on around you. You are kind and gentle with our animals. You are joyful and expressive. I have NEVER know a child that is so natural at dancing.. You break into dance with any sound of rhythm or music. I love the way you get so excited when Jordan, Isaac and Ammon come home from school. You love your sister and brothers. You have grown and developed so much in the past 2 months. You are a super fast crawler. If you felt a bit more sure of yourself you would be walking on your own. You have called me Mama a couple of times but Dadda is the word for you! YOu love to snuggle in bed with Daddy and I... and we are suckers to let you do it more times then not! You love to hang with your "Uncle" Boyd but "Auntie" Cheryl is a close second.
You have had 2 ear infections, one concussion, and 3 teeth this year.
This year I feel as if my dream came true with you... I love you my baby boy!
Happy Birthday #1!!!


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Amber said...

Happy Birthday Baby Noah! You are so handsome!!

fung family said...

What a beautiful post, Kiera. He is such a cutie pie. I didn't realize he was so close in age to my Addi-girl! Happy Birthday baby!

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday Noah. He is dreamy in so many ways.