Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Late but NOT forgotten

Happy 9th Birthday My Beautiful Daughter

I feel just so blessed to have you into my life. Not only do you look like me but you act like me as well.

It is funny how one looks back at time. I remember Daddy and I wanting you to come into our lives so badly. How Daddy would talk to you while you were in my tummy. How I would lay super still in bed at night and watch you move from side to side while you were growing inside of me. We didn't know if you were a boy or a girl. We had picked out a boys name for you... You name would have been Isaac. When we talked about girls names I wanted Sara Jane... Daddy wanted to call you Sidney. We named you Jordan Rae... Jordan sounded like a Soccer Super Star name. Your Grandma Gloria's middle name is Rae. I remember as a child her telling me how she didn't like that name. I had always liked it... I thought it sounded romantic.
You were born on New Years Eve. It was the year of Y2K...
After hours of labor the doctor told us you needed to be delivered by c-section. You were born at 4:47pm. You are the only child I remember the exact time of your birth. You were a beautiful baby. You had perfect rose bud lips.
It is funny how time can pass by so quickly. How it seems like just last month you were in diapers and learning to walk. (By the way... you were walking at 8 months) Now you are a beautiful young girl. You are kind and loving. You have grown so much this year. From the moment we brought Noah home your mothering instinct has kicked in. You want to be part of all that he does. He loves you Jordie.
I could not be more pleased with you... I love you my little Jordie Pordie!


the Pan-lings said...

I love you too Jordie! It was so great to meet you while you were in Utah. I'm glad to be a part of your wonderful world!

Happy Birthday baby!!

KC Mom said...

Gosh, how I remember the last 9 years! It's hard to believe I have pictures of my baby holding your first baby. Happy Birthday Jordie Pordie Puddnin Pie!

Nana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jordie. Wait a minute, didn"t you just got babptize. Did uhave fun on your birthday?