Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cupid struck!

Isaac and I were putting his clean clothes away together tonight. He looks to me and says... "I finally did it mom."
Me: "Did what?"
Isaac: " Told Claire I liked her"
I think I had a moment where my heart stopped. I mean STOPPED!
Me: " What do you mean..."YOU LIKE CLAIRE?"
Isaac: " I have since Kindergarten Mom."
Me: " Why did you do that? You aren't 16"
Isaac: " Well, Jake was going to tell her that I Loved her so I thought I better do it myself!"
Me: "But you are too young to like someone."
Isaac: "She is going to Staley. I have to love someone I go to high school with so I can marry her."
Me: "No you don't son. You don't need to love anyone until AFTER your mission."
Isaac: "Maybe there will be another girl I will love at Staley"

AHHHHHH what in the world! This playground romance is killing me off! Don't get me wrong... I really like little Claire myself. If I were for picking she would be top of the list. In fact when they were in Kindergarten together their teacher had them matched... Cute isn't it... But where in the world is my baby boy that was going to marry his mama?


KC Mom said...

The winking is what is killing me!! He's already winking!
Okay...you have letter "N"!

Nana said...

Ahhhhh Valentine is in the air.

LisaLee said...

Hey you have the cutest blogs, that is so adorable. Have a happy Valentines Day

Love ya Sista

Aubrey said...

AWWWWWWWWW, that's so adorable :D I'd never date anyone from Staley--and I even go there! Hahahaha. :)

Natalie said...

TOO Cute!!!

Shauna said...

It seems like we blink and they grow up!! I hate it I wish there was a DVR for our children...then we could pause, rewind and even fast forward sometimes. I guess we just have to do our best to enjoy the journey.

Amber said...

How sweet is that! I almost got teary eyed. They want to grow up so fast! I'm with shauna, let's DVR them and then we can do slow motion.

the "Pan"lings said...

Makes us want to step it up, huh? They are growing faster than we can put our fingers on!! Love it!

Robin and Don said...

You know it is parent freak out over child love blog day. You need to go to my blog and click on the Decker blog. They have a fun one too.