Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Did I hear a NINER?"

Happy 39th my Marc-a-Roni!

39 things that make my Marc-a-Roni a Super Star

1. You make the best Monster
2. You are always up for a Rockin' game of "Basement" soccer
3.You are spiritual
4. You love me
5. You are a hands on Daddy
6. You are youthful!
7. You are a computer guy
8. You play Wii with our kids
9. You are a math smartie pants... Good thing... Jordie would be in trouble with out you!
10. You have cool gray hair sneaking out!
11. I love your gray eyelash that keeps growing back
12. You let me hang out with my family in Utah with the kids while you stay here for work
13. You come to church with us because you want to be there
14. You lead our family in Righteousness
15. You coach our kids in soccer
16. You have taught yourself to play hymns on the piano
17. You love Disney World as much as me!
18. You change diapers
19. You have good looking legs!!!
20. You the funnest dad in the world (Isaac said that one)
21. You take me out on regular dates
22. You stay up late and watch lame TV with me even if you have to get up early for work
23. You eat my dinners with out complaining
24. You are generous
25. You serve with a smile!
26. You can fix almost anything
27. You can deal with the yuckiest situations... remember the first time we went out to dinner with Jordie.... You changed her diaper? After at least 20 minutes you came out with her only wearing her about blow out!
28. You can talk like Donald Duck
29. Remember the night before you blessed Ammon? You let me "highlight" your hair... from the back you looked like a CHEETAH!
30. You put up with my PMS better then anyone I know...Thanks?!?!
31. You are a Be-er... you take time to enjoy life. Most of the time I chalk it up to you being raised in the midwest.... slow and thoughtful.
32. You always strive to be a better man
33. You can play the guitar... When we were first married I loved hearing you play... You really should pick it up again...
34. You are are a hard worker.
35. You are loyal... People know they can count on you
36. No matter the time... you are always willing to be patient with homework problems.
37. I love how you have keep friends with a couple of your high school teachers. Who really gets to know their teachers and stay in touch after 20 years. Mr. Fabish is such a good person. I am grateful you have kept in contact with him all these years!
38. Even when you have new cool clothes in the closet I find you wearing some old shirt from college. I like that about you.
39. Last but not least... I love that {40} makes you squirm in your seat a little!

I love you my Marc-a-Roni!


the Pan-lings said...

Marc ~ you are perfect for Kiera!! Thank you for making us a part of your family!

Happy Birthday Marc!

Nana said...

A BIG Happy Birthday to Marc. 39 is a good age, enjoy it.

KC Mom said...

I'm so jealous!! Turning 39 this year!! Luckeeeee

Lori said...

Happy Birthday............Marcaroni!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Marc!! You are truly a wonderful man!

Heather said...

Holy moly you've had a lot of birthdays in your family lately! It looks like everyone's was special.