Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Kansas City was gifted a tender mercy today... You see there are a lot of us here with the January Blues. Kansas City is a crazy place... one day 30 degrees the next day it is 66! I'm sure tomorrow will be below freezing.. But for today... we will play!

We walked over to the school for some kite flying! Ammon cracked me up with his arm straight up in the air... The wind was super strong... I thought the kite might just lift him off the ground. Isaac had the skitso was all over the joint! He kept in good spirits about it! Jordie enjoyed riding her bike and playing tether ball. The wind was so crazy we ended up ditching the kits and running home!

Isaac was excited to get his scooter out and do some bunny hops!
Really? Shorts? Ahhh...Tender Mercies!


Ms. Kelli said...

It looks like you really had a fun day! It was a beautiful day here in AZ...but, that's just a typical day for us....OH...did I rub that in a little? Oops...sorry!

Denette said...

Those kind of days truely are gifts. I am needing one of those here in Utah. I am counting the days until March. Maybe we could see the grass and play with some of those outside Christmas toys.

Valsy said...

That is a terrific picture of you and Jordan. You should make sure she always has a copy so when you are gone she will remember she has your eyes. :)

Nana said...

Enjoy your pet dog. run and play with them as much as you can.
B'cos when they die, it will brake your heart into million pieces.

Alaska Law said...

We are so jealous. We went out for a fun Saturday. The day started out at -17 and "warmed up" to 7.

Shauna said...

It was the best day ever, I can't wait for spring