Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A special gift was left behind!!!

Little man Ammon's first tooth FINALLY fell out last night... Let me tell you a little about this tooth. 2 dentist visits ago (that is one year ago people!) Ammon was convinced his tooth was loose... No matter what the dentist said Ammon knew it was falling out... 6 months ago the dentist told Ammon that yes his tooth was loose! That is all little man needed...
Ammon:"what day is is going to come out?"
Dentist: "I don't know the day... When it is ready."
Ammon:"No, I need to know the day."
Dentist: "I can't tell you an exact day."
Ammon: "OK, what will the DATE be when it falls out?"
I kid you not! Little man Ammon argued and argued trying to get the exact moment his tooth would leave his mouth forever! You see Ammon knew that with a lost tooth special gift of money would be left under his pillow by the tooth fairy... BTW: is the tooth fairy a man or a woman? We seem to think he is a big man with little wings!
Sure enough... 4 special quarters were found this morning!


Hunter Bug said...

Ahhh! Give him my congrats!!!!

Robin and Don said...

I love the tooth story. I think he should go to the dentist and ask for his money back. If the guy couldn't pick a date, then pay up!=) Wouldn't that make a great dentist, your first tooth lost will be guessed within the week or your tooth will be matched on us. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Another reason I like that kid! I was watching the Santa Claus 2 the other day (I know, I know!) and the Tooth Fairy was an over-weight middle aged man. :)

Sam Ransom said...

I always thought of girl fairies until the Santa Claus movie Courtney said. I guess anything goes.