Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Our Bucket Of Spice!

Happy 6th Birthday Ammon!

Chinese Spits!

You are our Spice!

This has been a HUGE year for you! This year you became a big brother, Started Kindergarten, Discovered you could do the Chinese Splits and Played your first season of many in Soccer! Ammon you are the spice in our family. You come up with the most hilarious one liners.
You were due to be born on January 15. Daddy wanted you to be born on that day because it is HIS birthday. He wanted to share his special day with his baby boy. We knew you were going to be a boy. You are the only baby Mom and Dad peeked on.
We thought you were going to be born on December 23rd. I went to the hospital that night because my contractions were 3 minutes apart. The hospital told me you were not ready yet and sent me home..A few days later you thought it would be funny to trick me again... I didn't think it was funny to be sent home from the hospital again. The morning of January 14th I was giving Jordie and Isaac a bath. My body started feeling and doing some funny things and I knew ready or not you would be born that day! Jordie and Isaac went and played at the neighbors and I drove myself to the hospital. Daddy was at work and I didn't have time for him to come home and get me. So me met me there just in time for my c-section! The doctors took you straight to the NICU because you were having a hard time breathing. The first time I got to see you was in the camera. Daddy had taken pictures of you so I would be able to see just how handsome you are. I remember the first time I held you. How grateful I was for another son.
What a great son you are. Ammon, you are a very valiant boy. You are kind and loving. You are an amazing example to me of how we should pray. You mean every word. Some of the things you have been grateful for in your prayers are... our bodies, this world, Christ being sent to earth. You ask for Heavenly Father to heal children and people. I believe you know you are talking with our Father. Thank you for that example.
I have missed you while you are away at school. We had a few years where it was just us. I know you have missed me too because when you are asked if you like school you always reply... NO. You can never tell a reason why you don't like it... But I know why. You are my homebody. I love who you are. Better than that... You love who You are...
Love ya tons Honey Buns!


KC Mom said...

Ammon will always be my lip gloss buddy. Happy Birthday Ammon...you're welcome to chew on my lip gloss anytime!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww That was so nice! I like that kid a lot! Happy Birthday Ammon!

McAtee Family said...

Ammon is the little guy who makes me want a boy - he is always happy, funny and ready for an adventure! We love you Ammon - Happy Birthday!!!

the Pan-lings said...

You are such a blessing Ammon! You are so so cute and we look forward to getting to know you better!! Maybe later in years, you & Drew can share NICU experiences that you don't even remember.. hehehe

Happy Birthday Ammon!!

What a busy season you have with holidays and birthdays! I swear we live in parallel universes!!

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Nana said...

Happy Birthday Ammon. You are now CTR7, aye. And we are both Capricorn...I like that.